Dream Ami Releases Music Video for Cover of Koda Kumi’s “Koi No Tsubomi”

The music video for the cover of Koda Kumi‘s “Koi no Tsubomi” by soloist Dream Ami has just been uploaded to avex’s official YouTube channel.

As previously reported, the song serves as the theme song for the 2019 version of the drama series “Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru”, which originally featured Kumi’s song as its theme.

In this 2019 reboot, EXILE NAOTO will be playing the lead role of Osamu, while Miu Tomita will play the role of Tomoko. E-girls/flower member Harumi Sato will play the role of Osamu’s model girlfriend.

The new drama will be produced by LDH and is scheduled to begin broadcast September 17 on Fuji TV.