Rola’s “exposed leg” fashion makes HEADLINES!

Citizen of planet Earth Rola made a post on her Instagam account that has unexpectedly made headlines all across Japan. In an accompanying picture Rola is seen posing in front of a random building in L.A.

The picture had the simple caption “Had some good creative meetings after coming back from Japan” In the photo Rola is wearing pants that have one leg completely exposed, and it has caused quite the stir online.

Oricon called the look a “unique coordination”, with one of her legs “boldly” exposed. While modelpress called it distinct, and sure to attract lots of attention.

Many of her fans gushed about the length of her legs, wishing they too had it. Others commented “Only someone like Rola can wear this design”, “Beautiful!!”

The one leg pants are from a Korean fashion brand called Pushbutton. Rounding out the outfit is a bag from Lastframe, and shoes from Maison Margiela.

Besides typical talent work, Rola is still dedicated to her mission on environmentalism. Earlier in the month she used her platform for good urging her fans to pay attention to the Amazon forest fires, and being disappointed about the overall lack of media coverage.

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昨日はとてもショックをうけました。今ブラジルでは、大規模な山火事が3週間続いています。なのにこの件はほとんどのメディアが取り上げていません。アマゾンの森林は地球の20パーセントの酸素を生み10パーセント近くの生き物が生息しています。毎日ニューヨークシティの大きさの森が地球から消えています。森が無くなることで地球温暖化はさらに加速し、これから様々な問題が発生します。私たちが何を食べるか、選ぶかで私たちの未来が決まります。みんなでこの事をリポストをしてシェアしましょう😢🙏 #PrayForAmazonia I am very shocked that the Brazilian forest has been burning for 3 weeks now and there has been very little media coverage on this devastation. Brazil’s forest, the largest forest in the world, provides 20% of the earth’s breathing capacity. Research shows that the Brazilian forest is home to 10% of the world’s species and it contains 80,000 different plants. Everyday a forest area, the size of New York City, is lost. The land is then used to produce items to meet human demands, such as livestock farms, Palm oil, etc . What we eat, buy or do is vital to our future environment. Please share with others about what is happening to our planet and what is happening to the Amazon Forest🙏

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