Namie Amuro and Jolin Tsai collab confirmed!

We previously reported on the rumors surrounding a collaboration between Namie Amuro and Jolin Tsai, turns out those rumors were true!   

The two divas will be releasing a song together titled “I’m Not Yours”, this marks Jolin’s first attempt at composing a song by herself. The lyrics are a mix of both English and Chinese, and the two girls will reportedly be singing in both languages. In-regards to her Chinese vocals Namie commented “If the Taiwanese fans like it, I’ll be happy”. 

From the looks of things the video takes place in some sort of brothel/hostess bar, with Namie and Jolin playing the “Madams“. Bring on the new girl power anthem!

“I’m Not Yours” will be included on Jolin Tsai’s upcoming album “Jolin Play” due out November 15th, no word on when the music video will premiere.