Ayumi Hamasaki reveals her feelings on newly-wed life and childbirth

In an interview with ‘bea’s up’ magazine where she is the cover girl for their December issue, Ayumi references to her private life with her American husband who she married in March of this year. She says “Recently there have been moments when I have realized ‘oh we are a family!’ They say that when you spend a long time with a lover or a pet you begin to resemble each other, but now I think I actually realize that.”

On their days off, Ayumi and her husband watch DVDs in the home together and share happy moments. But when asked about her plans for childbirth, Ayumi stated “My true feelings are that I am not going to suddenly spring out children. My number one priority is still singing.”

For the magazine cover, Ayumi Hamasaki is said to be wrapped in a pure white fur coat for a feeling of Christmas. With wearing both a one shoulder ‘Lady Luck’ dress and a long dress which opens loosely at the back, in the magazine she is to ‘display her eternal beauty freely.’



Via (Modelpress)