Kyary’s Emotional Speech During Last Show of Arena Tour

Yesterday saw the conclusion of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Colorful Panic TOY BOX” Tour at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. This was her first arena tour, complete with giant gift boxes, trampoline acrobatics, and surprise quick changes.

After performing a packed 2 hour setlist, the singer returned to the stage for an encore her classic t-shirt and skirt combo, where she gave a tearful speech to the audience: 

“My arena tour ends today. I really am so moved. 3 years have passed since my debut. It’s a disadvantage to be a solo artist when there are so many popular groups out there right now, so I was really worried about how I’d be able to fill 2 whole days at Yoyogi by myself. But there are so many people, from little kids to adults, who’ve gathered here… thank you.

(via Kyarychan)

She continued, saying

Lately, I myself have had to deal with some unpleasant things, and I really thought ‘Wow, it’s so tough to be a part of this entertainment industry…” But, seeing all of your faces today, I am so SO moved.

I’d like to keep creating dream-filled fantasies for my fans!

Thank you for everything.”

(translated from Youtube)

There have been reports going around that Kyary is possibly retiring or going on hiatus from the entertainment world for a while, but it appears these may just be rumors and there have been no formal statements issued from Asobi System or the singer herself.

Check out the setlist from the show below:

  1. Mottai Night Land
  2. Kyary ANAN
  3. Cherry Bonbon
  4. Suki Sugite Kiresou
  5. jelly
  6. Super Scooter Happy
  7. Kimi ni 100 Percent
  9. Ring a Bell
  10. Tsukema Tsukeru
  11. Oyasumi
  12. Serious Hitomi
  13. Fashion Monster
  14. Ninja Re Bang Bang
  15. Invader Invader
  16. Mi
  17. Kirakira Killer
  18. Minna no Uta
  19. Tokyo Highway
  20. Family Party
  21. Explore
  22. CANDY CANDY (encore)
  23. Chan Chaka Chan Chan (encore)

A recording of this concert is set to air on WOWOW on December 21st.


What do you think of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s emotional speech?