Is Namie Amuro collaborating with Jolin Tsai?

The media has been buzzing due to rumors of Namie Amuro collaborating with Taiwanese pop queen Jolin Tsai.

Namie landed in Taiwan yesterday and stayed silent despite being hounded by the media. When reporters directly contacted Jolin’s agency they neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, simply saying “no comment” . Last month Jolin’s agency quickly shot down rumors that the dancing diva would be collaborating with k-pop star G-dragon, leaving fans hopeful that this Namie collaboration might be true.

Namie is currently on the road for her “Live Style 2014” tour and Jolin recently singles from her┬álatest album “Jolin Play” to much acclaim and success. Jolin will also be included on the upcoming Utada Hikaru cover album.

Would you like to see a collaboration between these two divas?


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