Fumito Iwai is unflappable in his Music Video for “Merry Gold ~Shiro~”

Back in the summer we reported that FOLKS singer and guitarist Fumito Iwai would be releasing his first solo single.  Now, many months later, he has finally published the full PV for that release’s lead track “Merry Gold” (“Shiro” is the ballad version) to his Youtube channel.

This music video was directed by Mani Kato and centers around the recording of the song, wherein a robber bursts into the studio.  What follows is an increasingly absurd series of situations as a police officer follows the robber, who has taken a hostage, around the space, made even more ridiculous when a news crew bursts onto the scene.  All the while, Fumito and his band fail to notice a thing, continuing to perform as this tense scene unfolds around them.

You’ll find this simple, yet surprisingly involved PV if you read on below.

(via natalie)