BUMP OF CHICKEN to perform the Theme Song for film “Oku Otoko”

Hot on the heels of their recent digital single, “Bouen no March“, popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN have revealed that they will be performing the theme song for the upcoming film “Oku Otoko”.  “Oku Otoko”, or “Million Dollar Man”, will tell the story of a down-on-his-luck, debt-ridden young man named Kazuo (Takeru Sato) who wins 300 million yen via the lottery.  Worried about the fate of other lottery winners, Kazuo goes to his well-off friend Tsukumo (Issei Takahashi) for advice, but wakes up one morning to find that both his money and his friend have disappeared.

The theme song, titled “Hanashi ga Shitai yo”, has been described as a nostalgic ballad which fits the movie’s worldview.  Takahashi, who has listened to the band for a long time, believes that the song will also show off a new side of their sound.

While no details regarding the track’s release have been announced, you can hear a brief preview of it in the most recent trailer for “Oku Otoko”, which will follow below.

(via natalie)