BUMP OF CHICKEN to release a New Live DVD/Blu-ray + New Song “Bouen no March” used as a CM Track

Popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN revealed last night that they will be releasing a new Live DVD/Blu-ray on August 8th.  This release will center around footage from the Saitama Super Arena show of the quartet’s recent “TOUR 2017-2018 PATHFINDER”, including the titular opening instrumental and the acoustic performance of the yet-to-be-released “Spica” which follows the final encore.  Bonus footage, a Live CD, and a 120-page photo booklet will be included with the DVD/Blu-ray’s Limited Edition.

Additionally, the band have also announced that their new song “Bouen no March” will be used as the CM track for the upcoming campaign to promote the smartphone game “Yo-kai Watch World”.  Described as a refreshing song with a palpable sense of momentum, a nearly 3-minute snippet of “Bouen no March” can be heard in a special promotional video for the game which features actor Kentaro Sakaguchi.  The actual commercial will begin airing in Japan in July.

Read on below to find this PV, as well as the trailer, cover, and track list for BUMP’s latest Live DVD/Blu-ray.


  • DVD/Blu-ray
  1. pathfinder
  2. GO
  3. Tentai Kansoku
  4. ray
  5. Uchuu Hikoushi e no Tegami
  6. Ever lasting lie
  7. Kinen Satsuei
  8. pinkie
  9. Hana no Na
  10. Namida no Furusato
  11. You were here
  12. Answer
  13. Funbetsu Funtouki
  14. Houseki ni Natta Hi
  15. Niji wo Matsu Hito
  16. fire sign
  17. Ribbon
  18. Glass no Blues -Encore-
  19. Ryuuseigun -Encore-
  • Bonus Footage (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Melody Flag
  2. Snow Smile
  3. Mitsuboshi Quartet
  4. Aria
  5. Butterfly
  6. pathfinder Opening Movie
  • Live CD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. pathfinder
  2. GO
  3. Tentai Kansoku
  4. ray
  5. Every lasting lie
  6. Kinen Satsuei
  7. pinkie
  8. Hana no Na
  9. Answer
  10. Funbetsu Funtouki
  11. Niji wo Matsu Hito
  12. Ribbon

(via natalie)