Masahiro Higashide cheated on Anne Watanabe while pregnant with 3rd child, Erika Karata revealed to be his mistress

Drama and film fans were in heaven when actor Masahiro Higashide announced that he was marrying model, and fellow actress Anne Watanabe. The two were held in high regard by the public, with many seeing them as an ideal couple. That image was soon tarnished for good as tabloid magazine Bunshun dropped the bombshell that Masahiro was cheating on Anne.

What makes the situation worse was that Marahiro was having an affair with the actress Erika Karata. This affair lasted for 3 years beginning when she was 19, and was going on while Anne was pregnant with the couple’s third child!

Anne and Masahiro at their wedding

Masahiro’s management sent a fax (yes fax, not email) to media confirming Bunshun’s story. His behavior was referred to as stupid, immature, and showing a lack of responsibility. They also dispelled rumors that the couple were divorced, or seeking a divorce. As of this moment they are separated, and a cooling period is needed to help try and repair the relationship.

Erika’s management also confirmed the story, and she commented to the media through their statement. She referred to her actions as immature, and is prepared to face her weakness head on. Moving forward Erika will apparently be under strict guidance from her management.

Masahiro’s management is also putting him under a close eye. According to their statement Masahiro will have to prove that he has changed attitude towards his way of life so he can continue to be a father and husband. Good luck to him?

Meanwhile, various public figures have commented on the scandal as it is a hot topic on news programs. Haruna Kondo of the famed comedy duo Harisebon pulled no punches when she commented on Masahiro.

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