Kumicky Announces Mature Image Change

Former Popteen model Kumiko Funayama – often known as Kumicky – has announced an image change since her graduation from Popteen. In the November issue of the magazine “With” she appears with a more mature look than her former days in Popteen.

The demographic of ‘with’ is women in their 20’s and Kumicky, as the ‘goddess of gyaru’ has stated that she is ‘going back to basics’. Having removed the false eyelashes, she states in her blog that she is going to bring a new mature look, now that she is 23 years old, it’s a step in a new direction.  Kumicky states, that she has read ‘with’ for a long time and always sympathized with the troubles of women regarding fashion, beauty, working, money, love and marriage. The deputy head of the magazine, Nobuhiro Yamada, explained that a lot of readers experience the same problems and for the sake of solving them, actively work to find solutions until step by step, they find ways to grow into more attractive women. He went on to explain “The transformation from Gyaru to an adult was one the staff were eager to be able to express. It’s the first time shooting such a scene. I’m surprised at how fast the suggestion came about.”

Kumicky’s page features her transformation into a ‘feminine adult’ and the entire makeup process that accomplished this. It also introduces cosmetics and supplements that you know and love for beautiful skin.