HERO ends on a high note, Takuya Kimura: “Thank you everyone”

Takuya Kimura’s starring drama “HERO” has recorded the highest viewer ratings among dramas aired in the golden timeslot this year.

The last episode shown last September 22 achieved an average ratings of 22.9%, peaking at 25.3% and average ratings for all of its 11 episodes was 21.3%. It has been 7 years since the last HERO movie and 13 years since the first season. With Keiko Kitagawa as the new female lead, the drama debuted with 26.5% and remained with high ratings thereafter.

Takuya Kimura commented “Thank you to the drama staff, cast, and everyone who have seen the drama!!!” Producer Tsuneya Watanabe also expressed his gratitude “Thank you to the many people who supported and to those who cheered us on. It was really encouraging.”

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