Kamenashi Kazuya and Fukada Kyoko’s steamy poster for “Second Love”

The main poster for the new TV Asahi drama “Second Love” (start February 6, 11:15pm) starring Kamenashi Kazuya and Fukada Kyoko has been released. The main visual for the drama shows Kamenashi and Fukada huddled naked under white sheets, to express the adult love and painful world of “Second Love”.

“Second Love” is written by love story expert, Oishi Shizuka. Kamenashi stars together with Fukada in this scandalous new genre called “night melodrama”, described as an adult dangerous love more painful than a soap opera.

The poster tagline reads: “On Friday nights, you will be drowning in love”. The poster will be up from February 1- 14 at the 109MEN’S store in Shibuya and from February 5 at the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line system (Marunouchi Line, Hibya Line, Yurakucho Line, and Fukutoshin- Hanzomon Line). Check out the images below.

The drama website has also been renewed with the image and content. The drama’s story was previously posted HERE

From Kamenashi [Qlap]

Kei’s been raised overseas, and so he goes after women with burning desire. There’s no shyness whatsoever, from the first episode he sticks his hand inside her skirt!? It’s not like that kind of kiss scene were it’s like a “ah, we kissed”-feeling, it’s way greater than that. As those scenes are as frequent as a conversation would take place…….. don’t miss it!

Main Visual/ Poster:

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