Jin Akanishi Calls Out Wife Meisa Kuroki’s Agency for Spreading Hawaii Emigration Rumor

Singer Jin Akanishi has denied reports that he and wife Meisa Kuroki have made the decision to move their family’s home base to Hawaii, as previously reported.

The former Johnny’s badboy took to his Twitter on 29th to playfully respond to the reports that Meisa’s entertainment agency allegedly confirmed to weekly magazine Daily Shincho.

The tweet has already garnered more than 18,500 likes in less than a day.

Akanishi writes:

Wait a minute, president of ‘Sweet Power’ [Meisa Kuroki’s Angency]! You can’t just decide where I live!

I also own land on the moon (It’s true)

#I’m a pirate and pirates don’t settle down in one place

#But Hawaii is good

#LA is also good

#Singapore is good too

#I love Japan

Okay, fair, but does Jin Akanishi really own land on the moon?