Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki, Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada rumored to be moving to the USA

Come on baby, America! Tabloids report that entertainment industry power couples Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki and Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada have their sights set on the USA!

Both parties are in the process of setting up their home bases in the US with their young children with plans to pursue Hollywood dreams.

Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki to Hawaii

It has been over seven years since model-singer-actress extraordinaire Meisa Kuroki and former KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin got married, and have since welcomed a baby boy and girl to their lives.

According to Daily Shincho, “[Kuroki] has a strong preference towards America and has always wanted take on Hollywood.

Despite her preference towards Hollywood, the family has allegedly moved to Hawaii. Akanishi is able to pursue his career and release digitally so there is “no need to set up base in Japan.

Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada to Hollywood

The rumor of actor Shun Oguri and wife model-singer-actress Yu Yamada moving to Los Angeles with their two young children has frequently been thrown around, especially with his forthcoming Hollywood debut.

It’s reported by the new issue of magazine “Josei 7 that through his experience of filming “Godzilla vs. Kong,” he believes it is necessary to move to the US to pursue his career in Hollywood. It has always been Oguri’s childhood dream has to go to the US; the magazine notes that elementary school graduation essay thesis was to enter Hollywood.

His agency confirmed that he will be in the US for an unspecified period of time.

As for his Japanese home, he will be combining his training room and studio for actors to use which he’s away.

Upcoming American monster film “Godzilla vs. Kong” co-starred by Shun Oguri will be released in the United States on March 13, 2020.


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