Yonezu Kenshi Performs in “Fortnite”

On August 7, Yonezu Kenshi held an event on “Fortnite”, “Yonezu Kenshi 2020 Event / STRAY SHEEP in FORTNITE.” This event served as a way to connect with fans around the world during the coronavirus pandemic, in light of the release of his new album “STRAY SHEEP” this past Wednesday.

Kenshi performed five songs during the event, which last a little over 20 minutes. Check out “Yonezu Kenshi 2020 Event / STRAY SHEEP in FORTNITE” in full below!

Watch here

  1. Mayoeru Hitsuji
  2. Kanden
  3. Suna no Wakusei
  4. Paprika
  5. Lemon