Perfume Preview New Single “If you wanna” in Ora2 CM

Earlier this week, Electro-pop trio Perfume announced they their plans to release a new single on August 30. Titled “If you wanna,” it will be the group’s 24th single overall.

The song will be used as part of the advertising campaign from Sunstar’s oral care and body product line Ora2, which gives three different settings their line of products could be useful. A-Chan shows off the “CITY” taking public transportation, Kashiyuka is in charge of “TRAVEL” with her suitcase, while Nocchi becomes an office lady for the “OFFICE” segment.

The CM’s visual aesthetic takes on a flip-book approach, carefully planning out each member’s motions for 19 frames of each of their 2 second individual scenes.

Check out the new CM below to hear a snippet of “If you wanna“!

Perfume’s 24th single “If you wanna” will be released on August 30 with coupling track “Everyday” which is being used as the image song for the latest line of Panasonic washing machines.