Watch the dance edit clip for Perfume’s new song “Everyday”

Perfume has uploaded a special “AWA DANCE edit” clip of their newest song “Everyday”. 

To the surprise if no one this song has a tie-in, Everyday will be the image song for the latest line of Panasonic washing machines. What makes these washing machines so special is that it features an “active foam system” technology that allegedly “makes laundry time happy time!”. In the video the girls are wearing sleek two-tone outfits, and mismatching shoes (one white and one black. The shiny white fabric on the dresses are meant to represent the fluffy foam and bubbles created by the active foam system.

Perfume dance in a set surrounded by giant fluff balls, as the clip progresses it turns out they’re actually performing “inside” one of the new Panasonic washing machines! The dance routine also plays off the bubble theme. Longtime collaborator MIKIKO was responsible for the choreography, wanting the evoke the feeling “floating”. Despite the complicated choreography the girls quickly nailed down the routine making filming a breeze, barely having to do any outtakes or edits.

As usual Nakata Yasutaka created the music & lyrics, the clip was directed by Tanaka Yusuke. No commercial release date, psychically or digitally, has been announced for “Everyday” as of now. Watch the clip below the jump!