Avril Lavigne confirms sister’s marriage to ONE OK ROCK Ryota

Days of speculation have finally lead to confirmation of the woman ONE OK ROCK bassist Ryota Kohama married earlier this year, and it is indeed Michelle Lavigne as internet detectives suspected.

Canadian pop goddess Avril Lavigne took to her Twitter to let the world know that her younger sister Michelle officially tied the knot with Ryota.

Congrats to my little sister Michelle and Ryota on their marriage! Wishing you both all the love and happiness in the world! ❤ #family #love,” weeaboo songstress Avril tweeted, raking in over 16,000 retweets and a cool 40,000 likes.

Y’all, these newlyweds are GLOWING.

Avril and ONE OK ROCK are no strangers. They both appeared on the same Japanese music TV show in 2013, and met up again last year when ONE OK ROCK was performing in Canada. More recently, Avril contributed vocals to One OK Rock’s song “Listen.” Avril, her impact and match-making abilities.

Fans responded overwhelmingly joyful to the announcement, welcoming her family to the ONE OK ROCK family. Though her stans were more concerned when she will release her 6th studio album.