ARAMA! JAPAN interviews mannequin duo FEMM


FEMM is a mannequin pop duo that combines the most interesting aspects of Japan’s underground and otaku culture and mashes it up with high fashion and world-class production.


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Do dolls have hearts? Can people be moved by songs sung by dolls?

These are just two of the questions being posed by one of Japan’s newest and most elusive duos.

In 2013, over 300,000 mannequins disappeared. Witnesses to these events were scarce, with the exception of two autonomous mannequins who began to navigate the world and understand the humans that oppress them.

A website was opened with the purpose of finding those who possess the covert skills required to become the heroes of a revolution about to take place. If eligible, you are issued two avatars: one as an agent, and one as a FEMM. Both are you, but at the same time, they’re not.

Far East Mention Mannequins, simply known as FEMM, is a music unit created by FEMM’S AGENCY SYNDICATE and fronted by previously mentioned mannequins MS-000000 and SW-000000 (aka RiRi and LuLa), handled by two of their top agents.

Their message is transmitted with help from the most talented creative teams in Japan. From Hidali, a choreography unit who have also provided dances for WORLD ORDER and, to GM Atelier, who supplies all of their latex costuming, and Brian Lee, known for his work with Icona Pop and Owl City, FEMM is turning the industry upside down with their outlandish mythology and ideas.

FEMM has been the subject of a lot of online buzz since the release of their aggressive Girl Power anthem ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money‘ last month. It seems like this enigmatic duo came out of nowhere, releasing music video after music video while still maintaining their high quality and hyper-stylized conceptual aesthetic.

We caught up with their agents Honey-B and W-Trouble to find out more information about their mannequins and motives.


Please introduce yourselves/your mannequins and tell us how you became part of FEMM’S AGENCY SYNDICATE.

Honey-B: Hi, Iʼm Honey-Bee, RiRiʼs agent. I work for FEMMʼS AGENCY SYNDICATE (FAS) to support the rights of dolls and mannequins. Lots of them have been mistreated by humans for many years, and now is the time to protect them. FEMM are leaders of these mannequins.

W-Trouble: Hello, dear readers of Arama! Japan. I am W-Trouble, LuLa’s agent. Honey-B and I met in FAS, where we spotted the talents of RiRi and LuLa. They have real potential to make something big.

Since RiRi and LuLa wear identical outfits, fans sometimes have trouble telling them apart. How are they different?

Honey-B: They are pretty different. RiRi is a combat FEMM and LuLa is a housekeeping FEMM, but since we often dress them in the same outfits it might be a little confusing.

W-Trouble: We are asked this question quite often, though I think they are very different. Fans tell us that RiRi has more of a fuller lip and LuLa is more babyfaced. As for costumes, RiRi likes to wear rather aggressive designs and LuLa likes something more reserved.


FEMM has visuals based off Japanese subcultures but a sound from world-class producers. You seem to be all about the idea of world domination. Is recording in English a challenge for FEMM?

Honey-B: We’ve programed the English language into FEMM, so they had no problem with that, but they are still learning how to deliver their messages. It’s going to be a long journey to reach all the dolls and mannequins throughout the world.

W-Trouble: It isn’t difficult for FEMM to record in English, because we have both English and Japanese pre-programmed into them.

FEMM recently performed at an anime convention in Oklahoma for their first overseas concert! How was that experience?

Honey-B: It was amazing experience for FEMM. There were so many agents who came out to support them. There may have been some FEMMs who came out as well. They all sang and danced along. We keep in touch with these Tulsa agents and FEMMs via Twitter and Instagram.

W-Trouble: All of us had a great time. The agents and FEMMs gave amazing support cheering at the show. RiRi and LuLa looked like they were having lots of fun on stage.

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