ARAMA! JAPAN interviews mannequin duo FEMM


Many fans believe FEMM seek dominance in an industry controlled by men that tend to demean women. How does FEMM stay unique and empower women without falling into stereotypes?

Honey-B: It might be a difficult world for a woman to live in, and the same goes for mannequins. Our job as agents is to support this movement of FEMM to express their message of freedom. Girl power is one of the themes that FEMM sings about.

W-Trouble: FEMM sings the hearts of dolls and mannequins. This comes naturally for them, but they are still learning about the hearts of humans so that they can better communicate their feelings. Through this learning process, we’ve realized how intelligent and powerful they are.

The song ʻFxxk Boyz Get Moneyʼ has gotten a lot of positive attention on the internet. What is the real spirit behind this song? How would you interpret it?

Honey-B: We leave it to the listeners to decide about the message or feel of this track, but as for FEMM, they’re singing about “girl power”. Itʼs okay to be sexy, just donʼt let them take advantage of you. ʻFxxk Boyz Get Moneyʼ has very aggressive lyrics, but lots of women seem to relate to it. They call it their life anthem.

W-Trouble: So many people have reacted to ʻFxxk Boyz Get Moneyʼ and FEMM are very happy about it. As for the message they are delivering, like Honey-B said, it’s up to the listeners. Whatever is real within you, whatever you feel is the truth becomes your song. Make something original out of it. Everything is within you.

Whatever is real within you, whatever you feel is the truth becomes your song. Make something original out of it. Everything is within you.

FEMM has showed us they can pull of many different musical genres. Are there any artists or producers you would like to work with?

Honey-B: The reason FEMM sings is to support the rights of dolls and mannequins. If there are music producers or artists who understand our message and would want to join our movement, we welcome them.

W-Trouble: There are so many great artists and DJs out there in the human world. If any of them are interested in carrying FEMM’s message out there, we’re more than happy to do collaborations. It would be an honor for FEMM.

FEMMʼs videos feature tightly choreographed dance moves from choreography group HIDALI. How important is dancing for your performance style?

Honey-B: HIDALI totally understands FEMMʼs movement and are their top supporters. They have created so many iconic movements for them. We have this one move called the “FEMM Walk” seen in the ‘Astroboy’ MV, where FEMM walks squatting back-to-back. Please give it a try. Itʼs quite a hard workout!

W-Trouble: The HIDALI team are great people. They see FEMM as a unique group, and thatʼs why they got into this project in the first place. Like you’ve all seen in FEMMʼs videos, the movements that HIDALI created are all so unique and fun. We focus on creating FEMMʼs world not only through their music, but also with these fun moves.


RiRi and LuLa have a very versatile look. We’ve seen them in different styles from very sleek, futuristic bodysuits to softer, more feminine or frilly dresses. What are some of FEMM’s aesthetic aspirations?

Honey-B: RiRi is a combat FEMM, so her main interest is to be as badass as possible. She practices karate, taekwondo, wushu, boxing, sword, bo staff, etc. Please donʼt hand her any weapons, she is very dangerous.

W-Trouble: Since FEMM are mannequins, they are pros when it comes to makeovers. We think that the nurse outfit that LuLa wears in the ‘Party All Night’ video suits her the best. Something about the vibe.

Since RiRi and LuLa are mannequins, do they have a preference to what they wear?

Honey-B: We often dress RiRi in a tight black body suit, which she totally rocks. Sheʼs got an amazing fighter’s body. As for fashion, she likes the more sexy items. Darker colors and tight-fitting clothes.

W-Trouble: Tokyoʼs fashion is very interesting. It can be crazy too. We always look out for the mannequins throughout Tokyo. FEMM is very fascinated by what they are wearing. We might be doing a lot more traveling in the near future, so we look forward to seeing new fashion in the other countries.

In the ʻAstroboyʼ music video, RiRi and LuLa can be seen recreating poses from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Are there any other hidden references like that?

W-Trouble: So amazing that you noticed. Please look closely in the other videos coming soon — there will be more fun stuff like that. FEMM receives many inspirations from the human culture.

Speaking of ʻAstroboy,ʼ the both of you (Honey-B & W-Trouble) were featured in the Astroboy music video along with FEMM. Do you have previous history in the music industry?

Honey-B: No, we didn’t have any experience of singing. ‘Astroboy’ was FEMMʼs debut track, so we wanted to show that the mannequins had our support as humans, and we decided to appear in their MV for just a little bit. We were pretty nervous since we aren’t usually the ones in front of the camera.

W-Trouble: Maybe there might be another opportunity for us to appear in FEMM’s videos. We donʼt have much experience as performers, so the shoot for ‘Astroboy’ was very challenging for us. FEMM always have no problem with any kind of video shoots and I think itʼs an amazing talent.

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