E-Girls Release Candid “Smile For Me” Short PV

Girl group E-Girls have released the short version of their new PV “Smile For Me“, the previously untitled B-side on E-girls’ upcoming single “Love ☆ Queen”.

In their last video for A-side track “Love ☆ Queen“, E-Girls delivered a high energy song and video shot in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the release of “Smile for Me“, the energy is pulled back for a heartfelt mid-tempo ballad song and a video that is much more casually shot during their stay overseas, showing cute interactions between the members between filming. The lyrics depict how valuable time is and how irreplaceable every moment of life can be.

This single will be the group’s first release since the announcement of E.G Family, which revealed some major changes regarding the entire structure of E-girls including the disbandment of Dream and graduation of Dream Ami.

Ahead of this single—to be released on July 26—their final concerts as the 19 members from before the announcement of E.G Family begin today, and the new era of E-girls will be ushered in.

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    • Midori

      Oh, I loved this. The song is good and the PV is a nice chance from their usual stuff. I just wish they would stop pushing Reina so much; give the other members some screentime too, please! Still feels weird not seeing Shuuka in an e-girls PV.

    • annie

      this sounds like a flower b-side with reina dominating it
      it’s a really nice song tho

    • Anita

      E-girls has started activities as new

      We are looking forward to their coming