Tsuyoshi Domoto Unable To Participate in Kinki Kids’ 20th Anniversary Concerts

It an official statement released to the media by Johnny’s & Assocites it has been revealed that Kinki Kids member Tsuyoshi Domoto will unfortunately be unable to take part in the groups 20th Anniversary Concerts. The two concerts are scheduled to take place this weekend on Saturday July 15th, and Sunday July 16th at the famed Yokohama Stadium.

Tsuyoshi is still recovering from his sudden deafness, just over a week ago Tsuyoshi was released from the hospital and he was hoping to make a full recovery to appear in front of fans again. However due to his current condition it was determined that there no way that he would be able to perform properly, let alone complete a full concert. The extremely difficult decision was made by his agency. Johnny’s has deeply apologized to all their fans, understanding how important these 20th anniversary celebrations were to them. Due to the sudden last minute nature of this Johnny’s has announced methods for fans to receive a full refund on their concert tickets if they choose to do so.

Tsuyoshi will still appear at the concert via pre-recorded videos, while the other Kinki Kids member Koichi Domoto takes the stage alone. It’s currently unknown if any special guests will join him on stage.  Tsuyoshi was originally hospitalized at the end of June, and as a result was forced to miss various live TV appearances and promotional events.

Kinki Kids official 20th anniversary date is July 21st. On that day they released their debut single Glass no Shounen and debut album A Album. Both releases instantly topped the Oricon charts, solidifying Kinki Kid’s place in the entertainment industry.  

(via hochi)