CHANMINA Brings Out the Gays and the Profanity in “FXXKER” PV

A few weeks ago, it was reported that 18 year old rapper CHANMINA will be making her major label debut on Victor Entertainment with the album “Miseinen”, out March 8. On February 1, she is releasing one of the album’s songs, “FXXKER”, as a digital single. She’s now released the music video for the song and it’s… something. It starts off with her being taken from jail by two male agents. Once the trio is in a van, the men femme it up, turning out to be her fishnet-clad background dancers. And then the chorus starts… The chorus which consists one of one word, repeated over and over again. I’m sure y’all know what word that is. This is probably the hottest mess in Japanese music since HYNA’s “TARATIKA” in 2011. Check it out for yourself below!

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    • ChaiChai


    • HyperMoot .
    • Alva Starr

      I see nothing wrong with the video… just a nice snowy black screen with a message from Victor Entertainment.

      • eureeka

        Change the “tube” in the youtube URL to “pak”. Then you can watch…but don’t get your hopes up for something amazing.

        • Alva Starr

          It was worse than I was expecting. Any tips for getting Sony videos to work?

          • eureeka

            No tips on that. It’s hard out here, good luck.

    • BAD KID


    • Marc

      Yeah i liked the song she did with TeddyLoid. But this is not that great.

    • 浜崎あゆみ


    • Sabrina Q.

      ur not koda so dont even try

      • Ben

        Koda wasn’t even this trashy when she was at her peak.

      • ChaiChai

        Koda Kumi has some provocative (sexy) lyrics and dancing in her collection, yes, but she’s still classy. What I see here is a wannabe CL cringe-fest.

        • Tim Kelley

          yes, when I think “classy”, the first thing that comes to mind is Koda Kumi throwing up in a toilet in one of her music videos, the epitome of class XD

          • ChaiChai

            Throwing up and still looking classier than this accident. Speaks for Kumi to be honest :)

        • chocoapples

          Uh… Idk. What I see is a rookie with a raw talent. She didn’t get “shaped” and trained by a company like CL did so this passes as quite a “so-so” attempt for her debut. Her album has a few good stuffs as well. Kinda make me wanna see how she will grow.

      • 浜崎あゆみ

        Koda would do it million times better.

        • chocoapples

          Koda Kumi has years of experience with her, OF COURSE she could do it million times better. Not quite a comparison, huh?

    • bailey darbii

      this is that korean japanese rapper right? or am i confused

    • surfboardt

      … Oh god, don’t give Tomochin any ideas, she doesn’t need to be encouraged (You know this is probably what Tomochin is trying to go for, lbr).

    • Dalooshe

      Is that a Namie arm tattoo?

    • lizzie

      I wanted it to be good and now I’m disappointed

    • 千奈美

      I’m disappointed. I had hope in her debut. Next.

    • Well, she obviously tries to follow the footsteps of all those Korean rapper girls, but… well, I don’t know yet actually, even though this song isn’t too great, I can still see the potential in her. And well, it is still 100 times better than that Hyna garbage was.

    • DestroyX

      Absolutely atrocious.

    • moon12

      oooh im actually really digging this