Rookie rap artist CHANMINA to make major debut

18-year-old CHANMINA is an aspiring rapper who has gained popularity for “both excellent rap skills and inappropriate behavior”. She was born in South Korea to a Japanese father and a Korean mother and is currently a high school student based in Japan. CHANMINA made an unofficial debut last year with “Princess” that has garnered about 1,4M Youtube views since July 1. This year she is set to make a major debut with a full album titled “Miseinen” (Minor), which references her age and the fact that she is still 2 years short of achieving coming of age.

The album is scheduled for March 8. It will have 10 tracks in total, including the previously released title track, a remixed version of “Princess” and a new single, “FXXKER”, that will be available for purchasing on iTunes Store starting February.