Ame no Parade to release their second full-length album “Change your pops” in March

One year after they made their major debut with “New generation”, atmospheric rock band Ame no Parade have announced that they will be releasing their second studio album on March 8th.  Titled “Change your pops”, this new record is set to include their previously released tracks “You”, “morning”, “stage”, “1969”, and “free” as well as six new songs, plus three interludes, for a total of 14.

Breaking with past tradition, “Change your pops” will be the band’s first release to feature a Limited Edition pressing.  This version of the release will come packaged with an additional DVD which contains the music videos for a number of their previously released songs, as well as the album’s lead track “Change your mind”, and a documentary chronicling the touring and recording which took place during the past year.

You’ll find both the cover and the complete track list for Ame no Parade’s upcoming full-length just beneath the cut.

-’Change your pops’ Track List-


  • CD
  1. Change your mind
  2. free
  3. stage
  4. Count me out
  5. Take my hand
  6. perspective (Interlude)
  7. You
  8. feel
  9. Hey Boy,
  10. intuition (Interlude)
  11. Negao
  12. 1969
  13. speech (Interlude)
  14. morning
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Documentary 2016
  2. Tokyo (MUSIC VIDEO)
  3. You (MUSIC VIDEO)
  4. 1969 (MUSIC VIDEO)
  5. stage (MUSIC VIDEO)
  6. Change your mind (MUSIC VIDEO)

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