Mayu Tomita regained consciousness

A quick update on the idol stabbing case that happened last May: Mayu Tomita, the alleged victim, is reported to have regained her consciousness on the evening of June 7 after days of suffering from a coma. The 20-year old singer/songwriter was previously stabbed multiple times on the chest and neck area. Fortunately, Sankei News reported that although the wounds on the neck area was particularly deep, no fatal damage to her heart and internal organ was made.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator, a 27-year old Tomohiro Iwazaki is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Sanspo News reported that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office began the evaluation on Monday to determine if the young man is to be criminally held liable for the incident. He previously stated that the reason for his action was because of a vague response to a present he sent Tomita.

We at Arama! wish Tomita a swift recovery and should she wish to continue it, a blossoming career in the future.

(via Sankei, Sanspo)

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    • Taima-kun

      may the prosecutors know what they will be doing unlike the incompetent police
      Mayu has suffered so much and struggled to survive, she deserves justice

      • Mia

        Amen to that ! Thank god she`s conscious

    • Mr.Taxi™

      This is great news.

    • yacchaitai

      I hope she recovers well and gets enough support after returning home

    • FrozenLand

      I heard she was stabbed in both of her eyes too. I hope the source I had read was wrong.

      I hope the perpetrator will get what he deserved!

      • light

        I didn’t hear anything about her eyes…

        • FrozenLand

          Googled and seems like it’s merely a rumor. Thank goodness! Hope she’ll recover soon!

          I just realized she acts too. She was apparently the girl who passed her love letter to Ryuki Takahashi as Kengo Uroboshi in Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 1!

          • light

            Thanks god, it was already awful like that…
            I guess she did gigs here and there, i didn’t know about her until this case.

    • light

      I’m happy she regained consciouness, hope she’ll recover well!

    • Historia Lenz

      Good for her! Wishing her a speedy full recovery. I hope that guy rots in jail…

    • 実花

      Thanks God that she had regained consciousness. I hope she get well soon and don’t give up on her career.

    • Pirado

      Best news in all day, I hope she recovers and can be herself again.

    • Thank goodness, wish her to recover soon!

    • Liokt

      God bless her!

    • Thank goodness. Wishing her swift recovery and justice.

    • Nick

      May her recovery continue to go well bless her

    • レン

      Very great news! I hope she fully recovers and could come back to her daily life as soon as possible. She deserves it for all the struggle she had been through.

    • komatsu nana is bae

      thank god! i’m super happy to hear this great news.