Funky Kato Has Affair with Married Woman and Gets Her Pregnant

The scandals keep coming in 2016! This one is another adultery scandal, involving former FUNKY MONKEY BABYS member Funky Kato this time around. The June 7 issue of Shukan Josei revealed that the married singer is having an affair with the now ex-wife of comedian Shibata Hidetsugu of the duo Untouchable. Once the story broke, Funky Kato held a press conference, confirming the story and apologizing for his actions.

Funky Kato and the former Mrs. Shibata met at a party, but he didn’t know she was married. In May of last year, the former Mrs. Shibata confessed about the affair to her husband. He was upset about the betrayal, resulting in their divorce. In September of last year, the former Mrs. Shibata revealed that she was pregnant by Funky Kato.

Funky Kato has since confessed about the affair to his wife. They will stay together, while he will pay child support to the former Mrs. Shibata.

At his press conference, Funky Kato apologized to all those hurt by his regretful actions. However, he will not go on hiatus, saying that he has his whole life to make up for his mistakes. After the press conference, he head to a baseball game at Kyocero Dome in Osaka to throw the ceremonial first pitch.


The press conference:



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