EXILE’s TAKAHIRO and actress Takei Emi are married and expecting first child!

EXILE’s TAKAHIRO and actress Takei Emi announced their marriage on Sep 1. Takei is currently 3 months pregnant with their first child and is expected to give birth next spring. There is no confirmation yet on the wedding reception and no interview is planned at the present.

They co-starred in the drama “Senryokugai Sosakan” in 2014 and were first reported to be dating by a weekly magazine in April 2015 but both denied the relationship at that time.

In 2006, TAKAHIRO won EXILE’s vocal audition and joined the group. He performed as a solo singer in 2013 and made his acting debut in “Senryokugai Sosakan” in 2014. He is currently seen in film “HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE 2 END OF SKY” which was just recently released.

Takei is currently starring in TV Asahi’s “Black Leather Notebook” and was announced to star in the October drama “Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu”, but the shooting schedule is currently being adjusted.

(via Oricon)

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    • AoZora

      Congratulations to both.. Well this came as surprise to me…

    • Wow

      People need to watch Tomochin for next 24 hours

    • Khaiz

      Didn’t see that one coming!! Congrats to both & hope for a healthy happy baby ^^

    • hologram23

      What in the actual f*ck??? Takei Emi is *just* 23!!!

      I really don’t get why Japanese actresses tend to marry an older guy. Ueto Aya, one of my favorite actresses, also married an EXILE member and a much older guy.

      • Uma

        She’s better off with this guy than a guy like HIRO, who was Ueto Aya’s dance teacher when she was 12 and had a “close” relationship with her back then 🤢

        • Taru

          Oh wtf. I did not know about this. D:

        • Sabor_de_Soledad

          WTF. That is so creepy. When did Ueto Aya actually start dating him? Also, that story reminds me a bit of Celine Dion and her deceased husband. He was her manager when she was like 10 or something. >.>

      • ❤︎Yamada kyun

        I really expected that this will gone too far. Emi may look innocent but a real bitch! She lied to everyone! She was the reason why Tomomi and Takahiro broke up

        • Skai

          What happened?

        • haha I always watch her playing a bitch roles rather than an innocent ones. Until today, I still cant shake off my annoyance since I keep remembering her role in Toda Erika’s drama. :P I’m sure she’s not like that in real life but I just cant shake off that feeling when I watch her movies/dramas.

        • Sabor_de_Soledad

          Well, she does have a resting bitch face. And even when she smiles, she looks a bit bitchy. But that can’t be helped, she was born that way. But she’s still hot. lol

      • ❤︎Yamada kyun

        Is Emi Takei more likely to be in hiatus? What will be the management’s decision?

      • I think its got to do with maturity level and the stability factor as well. Its very hard for you to find guys who is 23 years old who is matured enough to be a husband or stable enough to support you financially. I guess this is why women (not just in Japan) tends to prefer older guys in general.

      • bunny

        he’s only 32, and she was in her 20s when they started dating.. their age gap isn’t creepy like ueto aya and hiros.

    • Uma

      Marrying a dude who still has a tattoo of his ex smh.

      • hannah loyl

        For real??! Geez… =.=
        I don’t know what to feels about their marriage cause i’ve always ship her with Sato Takeru.. She deserve better thou…

        • ❤︎Yamada kyun

          But takeru wants younger than emi takei

          • lulu


          • AoZora

            he didnt say anything like that..

          • hannah loyl

            Are you kidding me?!

      • ❤︎Yamada kyun

        Poor Tomomi:'(
        Don’t worry Tomomi never ever find a guy who is after the physical appearance.
        You’re not a loss.
        One day you’ll find a guy who will love you unconditionally

        • ProllyWild

          She’s fine. She’s got hashtags….

      • Tomo

        LOL he already got that tattoo way before he got into a relationship with Tomochin

    • Diego

      Congratulations to the couple!! This was totally unexpected though.

    • imaguest

      Tomochin stay strong! You deserved better anyway!!

    • Not Polka Dot

      Congrats to both!

    • Reileen

      Will she still film the October drama? Was looking forward to it because of Fujioka Dean..

      • AoZora

        ” the shooting schedule is currently being adjusted.” what does this mean?

        • FrozenLand

          Probably shorter hours for each shoot? Or filming much earlier when her stomach isn’t showing that much yet? 🤔

          I’m assuming there’s some sort of romance (?) between their roles in the drama.

          • AoZora

            Even I thought so.. Let’s see..

          • Reileen

            Her October drama filming will proceed
            But it is has been rumored for a while now that Fragile Season 2 starring Nagase will air as getsu9 for January, and Takei Emi is part of the cast. Her character will probably be replaced, so another actress from Oscar?

            • AoZora

              Can it be Shiori Kutsuna or Ayame Gouriki.. I dont know much about Shiori Kutsuna and not a fan of Gouriki’s acting.. I would prefer Ueta aya ..

              Not finding any other actress closer to Emi’s age from Oscar..

    • ProllyWild


      We have Godzilla

      We have anime



      But NO CONDOMS!

      Anyways, congratulations to them…

      • FrozenLand

        I was thinking that but she has the intention of getting married at 23 years old. She said that back in an Arashi show 6 years ago (https://twitter.com/melodyofmysoul_/status/903568687810076672).

        Judging by how Japanese agencies, especially Oscar Promotion in particular, work, I doubt they will let her marry at such a young age, unless she’s pregnant.

        • Mika

          There’s a ban on Oscar Promotion female talents having public relationships until they’re 25 because they’re promoted like idols. Ueto Aya, Gouriki, Takei Emi, etc.

          Ueto Aya had to keep her relationship with Morita Go secret for 7 years and she finally talked about it in public when she was 25 (in late 2010). I can see Takei trying to get around that ban.

          • lol

            this GC comment made me laugh tho

            “she wasn’t allowed to marry the boyfriend she dated for many years,
            her kouhai quickly gets a shotgun marriage.
            ueto aya must be PISSED.”


        • ProllyWild

          I seriously wish them the best, but for many people a child for the sake of marriage, or just having a child and getting married to cover it tend to lead more often toward divorce…

          • ?

            Any statistics behind this?

            • ProllyWild

              Haha really?

              Here’s an English resource regarding marriage and parenting:


              In general children do not cause divorce, but they do result in less marital satisfaction. For couples who communicate well and have had time to enjoy marital bonding, they may find it easier to make the transition. If a couple jumps straight into marriage and the happiness decline caused by children, it can easily lead to divorce because in essence the foundation is not set to overcome all the new pressures.

      • Sabor_de_Soledad

        LOLOLOL. Srsly. I do not get why so many stars get knocked up. Come on, at least go on the pill or something.

        • ProllyWild

          The pill is ridiculously difficult to get here….

    • me

      are?! hehhh?!
      anyway, congratz!

    • zephyr

      Their age difference is not really that far apart plus she’s OVER 20, so I don’t see what’s the big deal.
      Congrats to both, hope they have a happy married life.

    • Angelica Sanabria

      but no surprise, they are (obviously) lovers since 2014. I don´t understand why japanese try to hide their relationships. She is adult, old enough and he is too, and cute and sexy with that dimples… hehehe
      happy life to this new family

    • angel223_

      Congrats and best wishes!!

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      Congrats to the couple! ^_^. I love Takei Emi as an actress.

    • Karen Khoo

      Uwaaaa such a big surprise! Didn’t expect her to get married at this age.

    • I want to be relevant :(

      wtf……..but congratz I guess XD

    • wth

      whaaat… I honestly thought that this was a joke, before clicking on the article I was thinking if today was April’s fool or what. Anyway, congrats.

    • lol I was really surprised with this news! :O

    • Mia

      NTV: Now we might not have a female lead for our fall drama.



      • Sabor_de_Soledad

        LMAO. hahahah.

    • liuuu

      This is suprising but Congratulation for them!!

      There is another couple rumor who will announce marriage on september. We will see if that rumor also true or not ?XD

      • mina

        Eh who?I’m so behind with japanese ent gossip.

        • Hmm

          Yamapi and Satomi. But they have a lot of competition since there are 3-4 other Johnny’s (Sho, Okada Junichi, Morita Go and Kame) that are rumored to want to get married.

          • Kameneko223

            Based on rumors, Kame and fukada kyoko will get married on november. That’s after Kame’s solo con actually.

            • rs34

              Is that rumour even true? I mean, they didnt even get a pic or anything, right?

              • Kameneko223

                Yep, no pics. Only rumors where Fukada seen walking kame’s dog in the park, when kat-tun trio had dinner or gathering she’s there. They were also seen having a secret rendezvous with separate car in a hotel with english speaking concierge. And that kame sleeps in fukada’s place already. There were many actually but no pics at all.

                • liuuu

                  I honestly not sure about Kame-Fukada rumors were real too, their rumors similar with Matsujun-Mao case with many gossip articles in long duration but no pics.
                  different with other johnny’s rumored couples like Okada/Aoi, Yamapi/Satomi, Ohkura/Yuriko Yoshitaka etc.
                  I don’t have problem if Kame and Fukada really dating though. I kinda ship them before.

                  • rs34

                    but yamapi / satomi didnt have pic evidence as well. if you want to count, the gathering of 5 to 9 casts at her or his house, its not very strong indication of them really dating when other people is there too. and do they even have pics for okada or aoi’s affair? why they call it an affair when she already divorced her husband?

          • liuuu

            I wonder who old johnny will let go first amongs them?lol Sakurai Sho,Okada Junichi ,Yamapi and Kamenashi are top class in johnny’s.
            My bet.. maybe Okada?because he’s the oldest 😂

            • N

              Morita is more popular than Okada in Japanese V6 fandom but Okada’s relationship started from an affair and the public don’t like them. Sho and Yamapi are more likely.

              • Dash

                I always thought Okada is the most popular in V6 since he got many individual projects?but yeah,many fans not approve his relationship because affair while they’re happy for Morita. I also think Yamapi is higher than the others, he’s not tied in group, he can do what he want and be responsible himself. Any johnny’s marriage will be miracle though lol

                • N

                  Okada is more marketable, but Go was always #1 in popularity. He has the most fans at concert. Even Ken is more popular than Okada with V6 fans, his uchiwa was the only sold out uchiwa at the first venue of the tour they’re on now.

          • rs34

            I dont think any of that will come true tbh. Any rumour with Johnny’s in it never actually come true. We heard that Jun and Mao gonna married this year, that year etc but none of that ever come true.

            When the last time the tabloid were correct about the rumour that they come out with which involving Johnny’s? practically none..

            But I don hope they gonna surprise us this time tho

          • bunny

            Kazuya Kamenashi getting married would be big news 0.0 are there any rumours of who the bride would be?

            • kazumi

              Fukada kyoko. Iirc, they have been rumoured since 2014. Kame’s longest rumour with his co-star.

        • liuuu

          Someone already answered it. Yes, it is Yamapi and Satomi. They rumored to “announce” after Code Blue finish in late september. but I doubt them because we talk about johnny’s here. I heard the rumors pretty big in japan but we will see then.

          • AoZora

            I also read an article where it mentioned that Yamapi will be quitting Johnny’s by end of the year… This will be a bigger shock than his marriage,,,

            • liuuu

              They wrote about “Yamapi will be quitting JE…” rumors since years ago, ever since he quit NEWS and his BFF Akanishi quit JE but he still stay until now. I don’t think he will quit this time too. I think the rumors come out again because half of SMAP quit JE this month. SMAP and Yamapi used to be close in Iijima’s care that why he being dragged along. I think he still love his career too much to quit.

    • 22Nation

      This is scary, but not for the reasons you are mentioning. I remember she went to a show with Arashi (could have been Arashi ni Shiagare) and they went to a fortune teller.
      Takei Emi told her that she had always assumed that she would marry at 23, but the fortune teller told her that she should marry at 33, that if she were to marry at 23 she would have a long and successful carrer in Japan only, but if she waited until she was 33 she would become a world star.
      I remember Takei Emi’s staff started to freak out and they called her agency (BTW I think her agency is still Oscar Promotions, who ban their artists from dating until age 25, lol), but Takei Emi was like I don’t care I’m getting married at 23.
      She’s strong willed I’ll give her that. Even Arashi menbers were like: Girl you should wait just in case!

      • bunny

        hm :c that’s kinda sad then if the fortune teller was correct and that she could have been an international star if she’d held back on marriage until her early 30s. but i guess she made her choice and she’s happy about it.

      • katsura

        Mte. I remember that episode lol. But tbh they’ve been working her like a dog. I’m surprised she got any time to date at all.

      • Daychan

        extra: when the camera stopped, the fortune teller kept staring at Sho for some reasons and said to him something weird, “Don’t worry, one day you will become company president.”

        I remembered this episode and immediately re-watch. LOL

    • nonnonanon
      • ❤︎Yamada kyun

        Poor loli Tomomi :'(

    • Park Jin Young

      EXILE members seems to be impregnating all the hot female stars. they and their nakadashi damn it

    • yamakita

      I’m not a fan of either, but I think they look good together. So what that it’s a shotgun marriage. Now I hope no one cheats! Let us have some fantasies about married life, Japan.

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    • eplizo

      Well damn lol

    • Buzz

      Glad that I don’t see much bashing though many are surprised I respect Emi’s intention toward marriage congratulations for them ^_^

    • Male:ko

      LMAO, Japan and their lack of knowledge about birth control.

    • Congrats~
      Did she get pregnant during Kizoku Tantei?

    • faifantc


    • Sabor_de_Soledad

      But haven’t they been dating for some time though (according to rumors of them dating it started around 2015)? At least it’s not like Kuroki and Jin where they seemed to have only been dating for a few months (if even), and she got knocked up. Either way, I hope this doesn’t hurt her career. I’ve actually been enjoying her current drama the black leather notebook.

    • katsura

      Always thought she’s gonna marry a Korean lmao. And I still remember that fortune telling they did in HnA. Best wishes for both anyways

      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        Oooh do you have a link to the clip of this? I am curious to see :).

        • katsura

          I can’t find the subbed one but someone recently uploaded a snippet on yt. The gist of the content is as what 22Nation mentioned above.

          Even her mom said she can’t get married at 23 lmao. Emi basically said ‘SCREW IT!!’ to everyone who said no with this news imo lol


          • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

            Thanks for the link! ^_^. I appreciate it :). Oh! It was in Korea. I love Korean spirituality<3 it reminds me so much of my own culture's spirituality as well. Japan too (especially Shugendo). I read tarot cards for fun but I know in Korea they take it to another level using Chinese Astrology, their own book of proverbs. This seems like the Chinese Astrology 4 pillars method. LOL I agree with you totally!!! She definitely said screw you to everybody with this announcement. Her goal was to be married by 23 and she accomplished it. Regardless of how anybody feels you have to give to the girl that when she sets her eye on the prize, she gets it lol XD.

            • katsura

              No problem :)
              It’s in Shin Okubo actually which is sorta like the Korea Town of Tokyo. The fortune teller is Korean.
              Emi is quite the koreanophile so this episode of HnA was about making/eating korean food, korean fortune-telling, they even went the Coffee Prince inspired cafe where she chose her fave among the ikemens working there lol.

              • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

                Oh lol XD. DERP I thought they were in Korea filming some sort of special episode. I speak no Japanese at all but assumed they went their due to the Korean shaman being present. I know many Korean fortune tellers and shamans actually learn multiple languages to serve tourists and whatnot. Yeah I read from the comments below that she seems to be obsessed with Korea LOL XD.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      poor takei emi.. he’s gonna break your heart. :x

    • Guest

      He looks like 50 years old

    • mr blik

      before married, a woman already pregnant… is that what they called “shotgun marriage”? anyone can correct me if i wrong about this term???

      • vorpax

        Yeah, this is totally a shotgun marriage.

    • Jai

      Woah, when did this happen??

    • Tokidoki

      So many japanese celebrities these days ger pregnant before their official wedding… The man just control the sperm… And takei-san just screw up the ban hope it wouldn’t off her carreer

    • Sayneb Boersma

      congratulations to you end your new family

    • Anita
    • Jonahae Requilme

      Now that the # 1 Japanese female lead movies or drama Takei Emi is already married and about to become a mother few months from now

      It’s finally time to shine those other Japanese Actress who got overshadowed by Emi

      I guess Love is more important than career for her

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    • Nasukwa

      Considering how they were both former Yankees, I feel like they might even be a match made in Heaven.
      Hopefully, Itano Tomomi won’t be too butthurt.

    • AishaKith

      Cried my eyes out. My Tsubaki Couple. ;(