TAKAHIRO and Takei Emi Rumored to Be Dating

The April 27 issue of “FLASH” reports that TAKAHIRO of EXILE is dating actress Takei Emi. They report that he visits her apartment at least twice a week. There are also photos of him going from his car to her apartment building, as well as photos of him visiting the convenience store near her apartment.

Last year, the rumored couple starred in the Nippon TV drama “Senryokugai Sosakan.” They came into contact again to film a special episode of the drama earlier this year. That episode aired on April 21. It is said that they grew closer while filming this special episode in Macau. They were supposedly caught on a dinner date sometime in February.

There are some personal issues though for each party as far as relationships go. TAKAHIRO was rumored to be dating former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano. Apparently things were so serious that marriage rumors began circulating, which TAKAHIRO denied. Emi is supposedly not allowed to date until she turns 25, which is in another 4 years.

Emi’s management says that the TAKAHIRO rumor is unfounded and that they are only friends. They also explained his legitimate reasons for going to her apartment, such as group parties. Her management also said that she lives with her mother so it’s not as if they are alone. Due these swirling rumors about the pair, her management further said that they would not meet up anymore. As for TAKAHIRO, LDH also said this story is false.


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