Yumi Ito (ICONIQ) wants you to choose her new winter hairstyle

Since taking a hiatus from her music career, Yumi Ito announced back in the summer that she would be dropping the ICONIQ name and focus full-time on being an actress.  Yumi was recently selected by the online magazine/app Hair to sponsor a very special contest. Yumi is looking for a new winter hairstyle and wants you to help!

In an interview with Hair right off the bat Yumi’s ICONIQ past is refereed to as “shabby”, despite that ICONIQ is still used in parenthesis behind her name and a large chunk of the interview is spent talking about her ICONIQ persona. Yumi does speak fondly of that era saying that she wasn’t scared to chop it all off, the bald look made her feel stronger and she has no regrets doing it. She’s glad that people still remember and talk about those days.

The applications will be reviewed by Yumi and staff from Hair, all applicants must pay an entry fee of 3000 yen per submission. The winning stylist will receive 300,000 yen and be able to hold an exclusive photoshoot with Yumi as the model. To enter the contest yourself check out this link

Long flowing locks, pixie cut, shaved head again? what hair would you like to see Yumi Ito have?