Yumi Ito (ICONIQ) selected as spokeswoman for “Spa treatment”

Actress Yumi Ito has been selected as the new face of “Spa treatment”, a luxury line of Japanese beauty products.

Ito will be promoting the iMarco patch line of products. Ranging in price from 2,400 to 8,000 yen these beauty patches have tiny micro needles inside them, so the formula permeates directly to the inside of the skin

Described as an “updated sheet mask” the most expensive patch is filled with hyaluronic acid, used to moisturize and repair aged skin. A whitening patch, acne patch, elasticity, and eye patch made out of placenta are also available.  Yes, it’s made out of the placenta you’re thinking of.

In the CM Ito wears two red wigs, while being amazed by the iMacro technology.

Ever since abandoning the ICONIQ stage name and putting a hold to her music activities, Ito has done quite a few collaborations with beauty and hair companies. She’s appeared in various supporting roles since making acting her main profession.

She will be appearing in a supporting role in the upcoming film “Neko wa Daku Mono” starring Erika Sawajiri and Ryo Yoshizawa.