DA PUMP celebrate American patriotism with Eurobeat, “U.S.A.” single out today

Today hip-hop dance group DA PUMP released their comeback single “U.S.A“, their first single release since 2014’s “New Position”. It has a tie-in with the TV program “King’s Brunch”, where it will be the ending theme for the entire month of June.

“U.S.A” is a very high energy Eurobeat song, where the group proclaims their love for The United States. “C’mon baby, AMERICA!”  and “USA!!!” are some of the many inspirational lyrics sung throughout the song.

The MV mainly consists of the members showing off their impressive free style break dancing skills, along with performing a perfect choreographed routine.

Two b-sides will be featured on the single, titled “Take it easy” and “All 2 You”. The DVD versions of the single come with the full U.S.A MV,  a making-of, and an alternate version of the main MV.

For promotion the group is embarking on a set of 3 day events, beginning today and ending on June 9th in the Kanagawa Prefecture.