Yu Yamada’s New Look Garners Mixed Opinions

Popular model and actress Yu Yamada recently unveiled a completely new look. Over the past few weeks she’s been teasing about the new look on her official instagram and blog , but she only shared a clear view of the change earlier in the week.

Her newly short, blonde dyed hair has been receiving mixed opinions online. Fans seem to like it, with many calling it “cool” and leaving comments such as “I want to be blonde!”. Fans also noticed that the new style makes her resemble her brother, Shintaro Yamada. Others have been a bit more critical, to say the least.

Anonymous gossip board Girls Channel was not a fan of the new look.


Anonymous 2014/09/04
That’s Scary

Anonymous 2014/09/04

Anonymous 2014/09/04
She doesn’t look good blonde.

Anonymous 2014/09/04
 In the photo it looks like she’s hiding her missing hair like a cancer patient.

Her face is pale

Anonymous 2014/09/04
Eh, that’s really scary
Why?! I wonder if she has morning sickness yet…

Anonymous 2014/09/04

Anonymous 2014/09/04
Her arm looks like a Grandma’s lol

Anonymous 2014/09/04
The hair and the crosses on her nails is weird. Looks like a punk who does drugs. Doesn’t look good on a mother.

Anonymous 2014/09/04
Even while she’s pregnant she’s doing product placement
She’s obedient.
Isn’t her husband sufficiently earning money?

Meanwhile, on Yahoo! Japan headlines netizens seemed to be more concerned about the health risks that come with dying your hair. Yu is currently pregnant with Shun Oguri’s baby.

+4935 -1291
mie***** 2014/09/05
Because she’s a model and a pregnant woman, she will still care about fashion but she’ll be a mother from now on, I think she should calm down.
I was told colouring was a bad thing but it’s fine now.

It’s kind of none of our buisness

+4568 -831
plc***** 2014/09/05
It’s bad for pregnant women to colour their hair because of the hormone imbalance (though it’s different for individual people) during pregnancy, the body becomes easily sensitive to things like drugs and smell.
Like, it’s easy to get something like scalp rash or worsen her condition because of the smell?

+1737 -246
haz***** 2014/09/05
I think…it’s better to go through your pregnancy without dying your hair during it.
Because there’s a chance of miscarriage.
Be a little more gentler with your body?

Are you a fan of her new look?

(Translation from Zara)