Yu Shirota brought to tears during TV performance after hearing of Haruma Miura’s passing

Actor and singer Yu Shirota was one of the many performers on the annual television special “ONGAKU NO HI 2020”, other wise known as MUSIC DAY. Upon stepping on stage, Shirota appeared to have red eyes as if he was crying.

This was clearly linked to the announcement of Haruma Miura‘s passing, which was announced just before the live broadcast of ONGAKU NO HI began. Shirota sang a cover of GReeeeN’s 2008 hit “Kiseki”.

The touching lyrics of the song can be used to describe both a relationship or friendship. Excerpts of the song are as follows:

Tomorrow I’ll love you more than today, these overflowing emotions just won’t stop. Right now I love you so much I can’t put it into words

The days you give me accumulate, the days we pass and the paths we walk
Did we just meet by chance? Or by fate?
For us to meet was surely a miracle

On days when nothing seems to go right, just being together makes everything better!
We share everything, our joy and sorrow
If I’m with you, I feel really alive!
So I want to be by your side forever, “my beloved”, to the last moment

Tomorrow we’ll smile more than today, as long as I can be with you
Ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, we’ll be together no matter how long, I’ll always love you.

(via animelyrics)

It became one of the standout performances of the night, with SNS full of messages from viewers saying how the performance brought them to tears, or brought a surge of emotion.

Shirota and Miura were very close friends, they could regularly be seen on each other’s social media pages and frequently mentioned their friendship in various interviews.

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