Haruma Miura has passed away at 30 years old

It has been revealed that actor Haruma Miura has passed away at only 30 years old. Media has reported that he has died via suicide. Miura was found in his home by Tokyo police, he hung himself. Miura was sent to the hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries, the hospital confirmed his death.

Miura was supposed to go to work today, but when he didn’t show up a staff member inquired on his whereabouts. His body was found at around 1:00PM.

Sources have started to allege that Miura was the victim of many hate comments on various platforms across SNS, but in general his comments on posts were usually overwhelmingly positive. Other insiders have stated that Miura often put himself under a lot of pressure and wanted to be a perfectionist when it came to his work.

In March a stage production he was supposed to star in was greatly effected by COVID-19, and despite that not being his fault he still put pressure on himself.

Other sources went on to say that Miura began to suffer from mental health issues dating back to four years ago, but this has not been confirmed by his agency.

A special SP episode of “Confidence Man Romance” aired on the day of Miura’s death, he was one of the stars on the show. It is currently unknown if his future projects will be recast, or if they will be canceled.

(via cna)

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please seek help! Here is a list of international suicide prevention hotlines!