Watch V6 member Go Morita cry in new CM for Suntory

V6 member Go Morita has been pointed the brand new posterboy for Suntory’s beverage “The Cocktail Bar Professional”

The product won’t be released until April 3rd, 2018 which is when the CMs will also begin to air nationwide across Japan. The good news is that the full CM has already been uploaded in advance on YouTube for fans to enjoy.

In the CM Morita visits a bar, and is given a classic gin & tonic by the bartender (who is played by legendary filmmaker Ryo Iwamatsu). The drink is so delicious that Morita is reduced to tears as he sits alone at the bar.

The Cocktail Bar was originally released in 1993, and was very popular with the younger crowd. For this new version “professional” was added to the name to show off it’s more refined and high quality taste.

Watch the full CM, along with making-of footage below!

Morita doesn’t have much to cry about in his personal life, as he just recently celebrated his marriage with legendary actress and former idol Rie Miyazawa.