Wakana Sakai has front tooth pulled for drama role “to look her ugliest”

On the 23rd, actress Wakana Sakai revealed on her blog that she had one of her front teeth pulled and replaced with a silver crown for the creation of a role. The role will be for the suspense drama 火の粉 (Hi no Ko – “Sparks”) which airs on Fuji Terebi every Saturday night from 11:40PM to 12:35AM JST.

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Wakana Sakai has tooth pulled for Fuji Terebi drama Hi no Ko

Sakai announced that she will be appearing in the 4th and 5th episode of the drama. She wrote, “For this role, I had one of my front teeth pulled. And then I had a silver crown put in and did a photoshoot. I couldn’t leave my house or go anywhere. haha”

Sakai further commented, “Even if it’s just for a guest appearance, if I have to, I’ll have a tooth pulled. That’s my integrity towards my work. […] I worked hard to really bring out the dark under-eye circles and smile lines on my face; to look the ugliest I could in the drama. Please look forward to it.”

(via Wakana Sakai official blog, Line News)