Do As Infinity To Release A Special Single On July 7th

The two members of Do As Infinity, Van Tomiko (37) and Owatari Ryo (45), have just announced that they will release a new single on July 7th. The single has yet to be titled, but it will include two new tracks composed and written by both members. In addition, 2 songs from their recent “2 of Us” project will be included. The title of these songs have also yet to be announced.

The single will have a limited release only being sold during their upcoming acoustic tour, on mu-mo shop, and their official fan club site “Dive At It.” Lead singer Van Tomiko describes the single as having a fun atmosphere while drowning in sorrow. Likewise guitarist Owatari Ryo wants people to hear the song because of how strongly it was finished. He also joked that he wants people to listen because he has a lot of guitar solos in the song.

Van Tomiko hails from Kumamoto and has been highly active on twitter to bring attention to the recent earthquakes and recovery efforts. Do As Infinity released a song dedicated to victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and it appears that this may be another.

The pair begins their short tour on June 4th and more information about the single is expected to be unveiled on their second tour date, June 11th. A video promoting the acoustic tour has been released on YouTube.


01. (TBA)
02. (TBA)
03. (Song from 2 of Us album)
04. (Song from 2 of Us album)
05. (TBA) Instrumental
06. (TBA) Instrumental
07. (Song from 2 of Us album) Instrumental
08. (Song from 2 of Us album) Instrumental