Vogue Japan Names Its Women Of The Year For 2014

On December 1, at The Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Vogue Japan held a ceremony for its Women Of The Year 2014. Four women were given this honor. Because of Vogue Japan currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, they also decided to make a new special category: Women Of Our Time. This award honors women who have continued to shine throughout the years. Six women were given this honor. Find out who these lauded women are after the jump!

Women Of The Year 2014

Kuroki Haru (Actress)

Matsuoka Mona (Model)


Takeuchi Tomoka (Snowboarder)

左から「VOGUE JAPAN」渡辺三津子編集長、竹内智香。

Nakazono Miho (Screenwriter)

左から「VOGUE JAPAN」渡辺三津子編集長、中園ミホ。

Women Of Our Times

Shiina Ringo (Musician)

TAO (Model)

左から「VOGUE JAPAN」渡辺三津子編集長、TAO。

Mika Ninagawa (Photographer / Movie Director)

Anne (Model /Actress)

Kuniya Hiroko (Newscaster)

左から「VOGUE JAPAN」渡辺三津子編集長、国谷裕子。

Yonekura Ryoko (Actress)