Utada Hikaru Teases “Nijikan Dake no Vacance” Featuring Shiina Ringo

A video teaser for Utada Hikaru’s new song “Nijikan Dake no Vacance” (2 Hour Vacation) has just been uploaded to her YouTube channel and it has been unveiled that it features Shiina Ringo! The video features both women cuddling throughout the video while taking in some interesting scenery. A longer teaser can also be found on her official website. The song will also begin radio airplay today coinciding with the release of “Michi.”

At the end of the teaser it is also revealed that two other songs, “Tomodochi” and “Boukyaku” will feature other artist as well. Nariaki Obukuro from the electronic duo N.O.R.K will feature on “Tomodachi” and upcoming rapper KOHH on “Boukyaku.” Utada has not featured another artist since 2006’s “Ultra Blue” and both of these artist are far from Utada’s typical style. KOHH also sampled Utada’s “Sakura Drops” in his 2013 song “My Last Heart Break.”

What do you think the songs will sound like Arama? Does this make you more interested in the album? Be sure to check out the teaser below!