Up Up Girls (Kari) return with another Seiko Oomori penned single in October

The bouncy idol group Up Up Girls (Kari) are releasing a brand new double A Side single on October 11th, which marks their second collaboration with their proclaimed “ally”, singer/songwriter Seiko Oomori. Read more after the gap!

One track on the still currently untitled single is to be penned both musically and lyrically by Seiko Oomori herself

The last time Seiko Oomori worked with the idol group was in April 2014 where she penned the lyrics for “(Kari) wa Kaesuze ☆ be your soul“, music was produced by michitomo.

Currently, there is no places to preorder the single from, but Arama will keep you updated when more information comes to light.

While you wait, please enjoy the video for “(Kari) wa Kaesuze ☆ be your soul” below: