Two New Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Trailers Released

Atlus Japan has released two new trailers for their upcoming Persona 4 Area sequel. The new trailers feature Teddie and Elizabeth, and you can check them out below along with the other P4AU trailers that have been recently revealed.

Elizabeth: Without being hesitant, I shall desperately interrupt!
Elizabeth: I have a premonition for a riot to occur. To erode this world this much… It’s quite intriguing.
Elizabeth: Unfortunately, I have a lovely personality that makes me unable to hold back my curiosity toward such things. That power… I would love to take a look at it.
Elizabeth: The “solitude” and “bonds” that will begin now, and a battle between two great powers…
Elizabeth: Elizabeth the secretary can’t help but let her heart dance!
Elizabeth: An invader, or in other words, an irregular existence… Here I come. Draw: Persona card.
Narrator: Good sir, she’ll use Megidolaon on any visitor! The most twisted (pun on “strongest”) elevator girl in history. Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: It appears that I must get rid of these pseudo-Persona-users that are hanging around. All I must do is judge them with my eyes. I shall go higher as an even stronger being!
Elizabeth: Now then, a song of victory…

Kuma: Wait just a second! Stop fighting for the sake of Kuma! Achoo!
Kuma: Circumstances? I can feel those fresh circumstances right around here!
Kuma: Good morning! Oh, am I all alone with Ai-chan? Could this be a premonition of love? All right!
Kuma: Oh, execution! Kuma has an experience with one or two of those!
Kuma: Huh? You’re didn’t tell Mari-chan that sensei is coming?
Kuma: Leave this to Kuma! Kuma can use a Persona, and I’m the best of the bears at escorting the beautiful ladies! It’s hard being popular!
Kuma: His empty space eats up everything! The lustful beast of libido! Kuma!
Kuma: The world where everyone I love so much is always sparkling! That’s why I want to protect that sparkling, and help everyone! Let’s run straight ahead to that tower! Time to fly!
Kuma: Now, a kiss of reuniting~
Shadow Kuma: I’ll show you the dark fate of fools…



Sho Minazuki




Shadow Labrys



Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be released in Japan on August 28th (They’re calling it Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultrasuplex Hold.) and in the US on September 30th (region free!)