Naomi Watanabe revives her iconic Beyoncé “Crazy In Love” performance

Naomi Watanabe is one of Japan’s most prominent and popular Japanese female comedians. Like many of her peers at the beginning of Watanabe’s career she struggled to make an impact, but that quickly changed quite short into her debut.

In 2008 on a variety show Watanabe did a monomane lip sync to Beyoncé’s hit single “Crazy in Love”, her similar mannerisms and choreography to the real thing made her a sensation in Japan. It garnered her the nickname “the Japanese Beyoncé” and her career took off ever since.

Watanabe’s impression even received attention overseas all around the world, especially in China where she apparently has a very large fan base.

She was recently invited to perform at China’s “Double 11 Gala”, a huge event by the Alibaba Group in celebration of “11/11”, China’s largest shopping day. Besides Watanabe many top stars took the stage to perform including Mariah Carey and EXO-M member Lay.

Watanabe revived the performance that made her a star, still full of energy and not missing a beat 10 years later!

She also performed a song in Chinese accompanied by some ribbon twirling.

11/11 has established itself as the largest shopping day event in the entire world, with “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, and “Boxing Day” not even coming close. This year the day received over $30.8 billion in sales setting a new record.