Kyary Pamyu Pamyu only has one friend?

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu appeared on the June 29th episode of ‘Oshareism’ to promote her new album ‘Pikapika Fantasian’, where she admitted that she only has one good friend.

Via kyarychan:

“You don’t have many friends, do you?” asked MC Ueda Shin’ya, to which KPP replied, “Yeah, I pretty much only have one friend.”

She also admitted that when that one particular friend is busy, she usually spends her time by herself, going to yakiniku restaurants and other places alone. Most of the time she does it while reading manga, with a [medical] mask and sunglasses on and a hood pulled over her head. “You cook the yakiniku with your mask on?” Ueda said in surprise. “I eat through the gap in my mask,” she responded.

Netizens, however, didn’t seem to believe her claims:

Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 23:09:42
You’ve got a boyfriend even if you have no friends so you’re fine!
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 23:10:34
That’s gotta be a lie.
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 23:11:39
That’s rude to people who think of Kyary as a friend
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 23:26:07
I really couldn’t care less about
people whose appeal is that they don’t have any friends like that
or people whose appeal is that they do everything by themself

Oh and people whose appeal is that they’re big eaters even though they’re skinny

2014/06/30(月) 00:26:27
I’m friends with an acquaintance of hers, and she puts up pictures of the four of them going to Disney and Korea on FB all the time
She’s so desperate to make up a personality loool

You can watch her full appearance on ‘Oshareism’ below! She actually talks about it all pretty cheerfully along with some other stories (like the time a teacher ripped off her wig in class), shows us what’s in her purse, goes to Asakusa with one of the hosts, and insults some Japanese comedians.

140629 おしゃれイズム by yume2

Source: kyarychan, Girls Channel