ROOT FIVE Kicks Off Summer With New Album

Summer has only just begun and five member group ROOT FIVE are on top of things. This group is known for their internet based activities, especially on Nico Nico Douga. However their popularity has grown in recent times. Back in early May, the group changed their name from √5 to ROOT FIVE and revealed the releasing of a new album. Unlike their previous CD jackets, this one captures the fresh feeling of summer. The album will feature 7 tracks, 3 of which were composed or written by the members themselves.

Two days after the album’s release, from July 18th, starting with Zepp SAPPORO, the group will being doing a nationwide tour. After which on August 17th, the group will hold a one-man live at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A. We can definitely say that this will be a busy summer for the five guys of ROOT FIVE.

Check out the track list below!

ROOT FIVE Summer Days Track list

Disc 1 [All Versions]

  1. Change Your World
  2. Natsu Koi Hana (lyrics and composition by Kettaro’s band ‘TOTAL OBJECTION’)
  3. Jump! (lyrics by Kettaro, composition by Koma’n)
  5. Hajimari no Beat (lyrics and composition by Vocaloid producer, Hayashikei)
  6. Tomorrow’s Dream
  7. Shiori (lyrics by Pokota)
  8. [Regular Edition only] Yakimochi no Kotae (cover of HoneyWorks’ song)

Disc 2 (Limited Ed A + Animate Ed only)

  • [CD + DVD] Limited Edition A
    root five new album

    1. Change Your World Music Video
    2. Very Popular Bonus Footage “Sekai no Massuru Presents ROOT FIVE ”COOL JAPAN TOUR!?”
  • [CD+DVD] Animate Shop Limited Edition

    1. Change Your World Music Video Making

Limited Edition B w/ Goods

root five new album

  • ROOT FIVE original scrunchie (5 kinds, 1 per CD)

Regular Edition

root five new album

  • Original trading cards (12 kinds, 2 per CD)

Source:, ROOT FIVE Official Site