NEWS meets Kanjani8 in Shounen Club Premium

On this month’s episode of NEWS PREMIUM SHOW, NEWS performed unplugged versions of White Love Story, Ai no Matador and Forever. Kanjani8 is the guest and they performed their newest single Tsumi to Natsu and the new band version of Do you agree?

From this episode, we also get rare interaction between the two groups as they sat down for the TALK segment. During the introduction, they admit that this is the first time as they usually don’t meet. From there, it was hilariously pointed out that Nishikido Ryo used to be a member of NEWS. The TALK tackle more inside stories as members continue to expose other members in topics such as “Who is the scariest?”, “Who is the most tennen?” At one point, Nishikido clears “That’s not the reason why I left NEWS” which got a very strong reaction from everyone and got him into a frantic denial mode.

Check out the performances and the talk segment below.

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