Music Station Will Be Moved to Later Time Slot for the First Time in 33 Years

After 33 years—since its inception back in 1986—TV Asahi’s popular music performance program “Music Station” will be moved from its current 8:00 PM time slot.

Starting October 2019, “Music Station” will begin its broadcast an hour later at 9:00 PM. With the new time slot, the show will also be updated with the goal of having a “more fun” and “more luxurious” live music program.

Updates to the format will include special collaborations and cover stages, interactions between artists and guest actors and athletes, and plans for a live voting system.

TV Asahi’s New Friday Broadcast Schedule

Starting off TV Asahi’s Friday night programming block at 7:00 PM is “Zawatsu! Friday”, a talk-variety program that began broadcast in April of this year.

In the 8:00 PM slot, when “Music Station” is currently broadcast, will air talk-variety program “Matsuko & Ariyoshi Krisome Tengoku.”

As previously mentioned, “Music Station” will be pushed back an hour to 9:00 PM—definitely an interesting decision with regards to the idol-dominated music landscape and laws of minors working past 9PM.

All aforementioned schedule changes will begin October 2019.

(via Natalie)