Yakuzas and vampires in Takashi Miike’s “Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld”

The first teaser trailer and new image were released for Takashi Miike’s action fantasy yakuza vampire movie “Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld” (Gokudo Daisenso). Starring Ichihara Hayato and Indonesian martial arts star Yayan Ruhian (The Raid, The Raid 2), the film opens in Japan on June 20, 2015.

Ichihara’s character Kageyama is an oddball low-ranking yakuza who doesn’t get any tattoos due to his sensitive skin. Soon after discovering his boss is actually a vampire, Kageyama is bitten himself and finds himself pitted against a gang of international assassins including Kyoken (Yayan Ruhian). Kyoken is the Japanese word for “mad dog”, Ruhian’s memorable character from The Raid.

Veteran actress Takashima Reiko plays a male character for the first time in her acting career.

Akira (Hayato Ichihara) admires Genyo Kamiura who is the most powerful yakuza. Genyo Kamiura has been targeted numerous times, but has never died. He is called the invincible person.

Because of Genyo Kamiura, Akira enters the world of the yakuza. His yakuza colleagues treats him like an idiot, Akira can’t even get tattoos because of his sensitive skin. Akira becomes disappointed in the yakuza world, because it’s not like what he say in the movies. Especially, in terms of loyalty and charity depicted of the yakuza.

An assassin(Yayan Ruhian) is then sent to take out Genyo Kamiura. The killers know that Genyo Kamiura is a vampire.

Joining the cast are Narumi Riko, Lily Franky, Aoyagi Sho, Shibukawa Kiyohiko, Yuki Mio, Taki Pierre and Denden.

(via twitchfilm, Eiga)