EXILE to release a new single “Jounetsu no Hana” with flamenco taste

It was announced that EXILE will be releasing a new single titled “Jounetsu no Hana” (Passion Flower) on March 3.

Since 2012, EXILE has released EDM style songs. This time, a love ballade will be finally released after 3 years of waiting. ATSUSHI chooses a passionate love ballade full of mature men’s charm as a new way to express EXILE’s ideas. The world-renowned flamenco guitarist Jin Oki composes the music for this song. ATSUSHI himself wrote the lyrics, which depict a forbidden love from a man’s perspective.

In the Music Video, EXILE members show the love between grown-ups in various scenes, as they present fascinating performances! Check out the released preview of the song, tracklist and single details below.

 “Jounetsu no Hana” TRACKLIST

1. Jounetsuno Hana
2. Jounetsuno Hana (Instrumental)
Jounetsuno Hana (Music Video)

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Jounetsu no Hana
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(via Natalie)